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POLL: Red Bull’s Jerez test livery

The first official testing session of the 2015 Formula One season began this weekend in Jerez.

Many teams, such as Williams, Mercedes and Toro Rosso, used this as an opportunity to show off their brand new cars for the first time.

Red Bull were also in attendance but decided against revealing their 2015 livery and chose to use a special one-off design for the occasion.

The RB11 looked stunning, with a black and white camouflage theme made to look partly like a zebra.

The unique Red Bull test car

The unique Red Bull test car

This included the Infinity, Red Bull, Renault and all of their other advertising also being in a black and white finish – along with the bull on the top of the air-intake.

Alongside with the dark-toned livery, the team decided to use black alloys on their wheels – which just added to the overall coolness of the car.

Team principle, Christian Horner, later revealed that the design was actually inspired by a helmet used by Sebastian Vettel last season.

Unfortunately the design is a one-off and the team will be returning to a much more familiar design when they actually launch their 2015 car.

I think this is a huge shame. This car would look amazing on the grid and would definitely stand-out from the crowd.

It would even make the new Sauber look boring and dull in comparison.

The brand of Red Bull is surely that recognisable across the globe that the team don’t have to stick to the same old blue and red design every season.

In a way it could even freshen the brand up and make it look more modern and edgy by keeping this design for the entire season.

Am I alone in this? Or do you all agree with me? Take the poll and let me know your thoughts about this striking design.


4 comments on “POLL: Red Bull’s Jerez test livery

  1. Dan Robinson
    February 2, 2015

    I would actually like them to keep the camo inspired livery, it makes a nice change to the livery they’ve adapted for the past few seasons. I have seen an image of the camo livery but coloured in with the Red Bull colours and it looks really nice, I would also like to see what it would look like of they kept the black/white but coloured the sponsors in with the sponsors respective corporate colours.

    • jc12oc
      February 2, 2015

      I will have to search for the image of the camo livery with the usual colours. I agree that would certainly be interesting to see. This car would definitely make them stand out more. Thanks for the comment.

      • Dan Robinson
        February 2, 2015

        There’s the image I was referring too, looks pretty good in my opinion, thanks for the follow as well!

      • jc12oc
        February 2, 2015

        That definitely looks better than the normal Red Bull that’s for sure!

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