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Premier League Results

Here are the Premier League results from the weekend:

Saturday 31 January
Chelsea 1-1 Manchester City
Crystal Palace 0-1 Everton    f3ae0-nike-premier-league-14-15-ball2
Hull City 0-3 Newcastle
Liverpool 2-0 West Ham
Manchester United 3-1 Leicester
Stoke 3-1 QPR
Sunderland 2-0 Burnley
West Brom 0-3 Tottenham

Sunday 1 February
Arsenal 5-0 Aston Villa
Southampton 0-1 Swansea

So it turns out that I have had a terrible weekend when it comes to my predictions! I didn’t manage to get a single score correct.

It must just have been an unpredictable weekend as the four people that also made their own predictions weren’t that successful either, and the actual winner only managed to predict one match correctly – so well done Adam!

Hopefully I will have a better result next weekend, where we will have both the North-London and Merseyside Derbies to contend with.


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