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The 2015 Royal Rumble Match Sucked – Believe That


WWE have managed to do it yet again!!

For the second Royal Rumble in-a-row, Vince McMahon and his team of writers ensured that the fans watching in the arena and at home were left feeling angry and disappointed with the quality of the Rumble.

Chants of ‘This is Bulls**t’ and ‘We Want Refunds,’ filled the arena along with booing throughout the final 10 minutes of the Rumble match.

All of this was going on as bookies favourite, Roman Reigns, eliminated Rusev to pick up the victory which means he will compete in the main event of Wrestlemania 31.

Even the surprise appearance from Reign’s cousin, The Rock, could not save the main event from becoming a disaster.

Family reunion at the Rumble

Now before I go into this, let me just say that I am not angry about Reigns picking up the win….. its just the way that the match was scripted which has annoyed me – it isn’t his fault that McMahon has scripted his push in this way.

The problem is that it become too obvious that he was going to win the match extremely early, with Daniel Bryan being eliminated by Bray Wyatt after only a brief spell in the match.

This was a bizarre move, given that Bryan’s return has been fuelled by his hopes of winning the Rumble match. He even had to go through a no disqualification match with Kane just to get there.

From the second his feet touched the floor you just knew in reality that Reigns was going to win. The crowd knew this and they let their feelings be heard loud and clear – by chanting Bryan’s name and booing the hell out of Reigns when his music hit.

Unfortunately Ryback and Dolph Ziggler also suffered from lame eliminations. Ziggler was in for what seemed about five minutes before being eliminated, with Ryback going out of the ring without much of a fuss.

When you have Rusev hiding and the ring consisting of Big Show, Kane and Reigns as the final three, you once again see how predictable this match was.

The two giants worked together and literally carried Dean Ambrose and Wyatt out of the Rumble – such a shame given the effort both men had put in.

The Royal Rumble was once again a disappointment for this man

With the boos now louder than ever, Reigns eliminated the two Authority members but the pair re-entered the ring to beat him down. Enter The Rock.

The WWE legend helped clear the ring and once Rusev was gone he saluted his cousin as the Royal Rumble winner – much to the dismay of the crowd. Even Rock couldn’t hide his confusion as he witnessed his relative being booed out of the arena.

Of course the chosen winner wasn’t the only issue. The Rumble was full of wasted entrees, with the likes of R-Truth, Fandango, Titus O’Neil, Zach Ryder and Sin Cara all included. Oh and the Boogeyman got an invite as well.

Then we have the confusion surrounding Curtis Axel, who was TECHNICALLY never eliminated from the match after being attacked outside the ring by Erick Rowan.

WWE really have kicked themselves in the shins with this Royal Rumble and it could be a hard situation to resolve. Twitter was full of fans threatening to cancel their Network subscriptions and were full of hate towards Mr McMahon.

Reigns is ultimately the victim of all of this and I just hope this doesn’t end up ruining his career in the long run. Will fans now hate him for the rest of the year? Will WWE turn him heel anyway after all this heat?

All of this sounds soo negative but there were some good moments last night I promise, and I will be writing about them later on today so keep an eye on my blog!



8 comments on “The 2015 Royal Rumble Match Sucked – Believe That

  1. chokedoutradio
    January 26, 2015

    If they dont change main event, we may get the heat from Orton vs Batista from last year

    • jc12oc
      January 30, 2015

      The heat is certainly on yet again but I don’t think it is quite as justified this time round. Reigns is a full-time competitor and has been unlucky in the way he has been pushed straight to the top.

      Thanks for the comment

      • chokedoutradio
        January 30, 2015

        Anytime !!

      • chokedoutradio
        January 30, 2015

        Anytime ! Announcement Monday will be ? From Triple H

  2. Liam Mc Namara
    January 26, 2015

    I’m glad Reigns won but the match was a borefest. Half of that though was down to the crowd booing. Sometimes we don’t get what we want. Deal with it.

    • jc12oc
      January 26, 2015

      It was not worked very well at all. No excitement from the get-go. The crowd were a bit harsh on reigns… Least he is a full-time worker who gives it everything everyweek.

    • jc12oc
      January 30, 2015

      The match was terribly booked. Too many rubbish entrants and eliminations. There were hardly any people in the ring for the majority.

      As for the booing, It was harsh on Reigns. Its not like he is a part time who shows up when he wants or anything like that.

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