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Premier League Results

Here are the results from the first weekend of Premier League action in 2015:

Saturday 10 January
Burnley 2-1 QPR
Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle
Crystal Palace 2-1 Tottenham
Everton 1-1 Man City
Leicester 1-0 Aston Villa
Sunderland 0-1 Liverpool
Swansea 1-1 West Ham
West Brom 1-0 Hull

Sunday 11 January
Arsenal 3-0 Stoke
Manchester United 0-1 Southampton

From the predictions that I made before the weekend, I actually managed to get three correct scores – not bad for my first attempt at guessing what the scores would be.

My three correct scores occurred in the Chelsea, Burnley and West Brom victories.

Out of those who gave their own predictions, it was a joint victory for Daniel Mckskimming and our friends over at Studzup Blog – with both successfully predicting three correct scores.

What are your thoughts on the weekend’s results? Let me know below!


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