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Wheels & Goals: Slammy Awards 2014 Part Two

Welcome to part two of my own WWE Slammy Awards 2014.

As mentioned in part one, some fans felt that some of the actual awards were won by the wrong people/match so please feel free to give me your own opinions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Match of the Year – The Shield Vs Evolution @ Extreme Rules
Out of the matches up for nomination this is the clear winner in my opinion. Given that the Authority are already back in power, the Team Cena Vs Team Authority match at Survivor Series now counts for nothing. To be honest even if it did still mean something it wouldn’t have been my match of the year. The Shield should have had three matches up for nomination: my winner, their match with Evolution at Payback and their clash with The Wyatts at the Elimination Chamber. My winning match had it all as the two teams showed their hatred for each other. The match spilled over into the crowd and ended with a leap of faith from a balcony from Seth Rollins. The Shield were excellent as a babyface team and it was a shame they broke up so soon.

The Shield had some great matches before their demise

The Shield had some great matches before their demise

Diva of the Year – Paige
AJ Lee winning the award turned out to be a great choice as it allowed her to drop another pipe bomb against the Divas that are featured on Total Divas. Lee is apparently under a lot of heat because of this but I am sure she feels it is worth it. To be honest though i think that it was one of the Divas that Lee praised in her speech that should have won the award. I am of course talking about Paige. The young Brit made her Raw debut as the NXT Divas Champion and ended up leaving the show as the WWE Divas Champion…. Now thats how you make an entrance. Since then she has played both the babyface and heel roles excellently and is probably the only other woman in the business that can wrestle as-well-as Lee. Paige has her own aggressive style which is quite unique and with Lee’s future looking less than certain, the 2015 Divas division could belong to Paige if she is given the chance.

The UsosTag-Team of the Year – The Usos 
Probably the easiest award to vote for this year. The Usos have dominated the tag-team division in 2014 and will now end the year as tag-team champions yet again. The brothers bring excitement to every match they compete in and also connect brilliantly with the crowd. The twins have put on a good show against teams similar to themselves but also against the brute force of the Wyatt Family. It doesn’t matter who they face, The Usos always do their best to entertain. They have basically carried the tag-team division and they will need help in 2015 if fans are going to remain interested in the match-type. More tag-teams need to be created and taken seriously next year that is for sure.

OMG Moment of the Year – Brock Lesnar defeats the streak
Even now, all these months after Wrestlemania, I STILL cannot believe that The Undertaker’s streak actually came to an end. For 21 Wrestlemania’s, The Undertaker has beaten everybody put in front of him. This included the likes of Kane, Triple H, CM Punk, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. So for Brock Lesnar to be the man to end it after all these years came as a huge shock. Never has an WWE arena become soo silent after a match. What makes it worse is that Lesnar isn’t a star of the future and is now hated for his lack of appearances and dismal championship reign. If the streak had come to an end thanks to a Daniel Bryan or a Dolph Ziggler than it might not have been as bad. The Undertaker’s streak should not have ended like this and in many ways it was a disrespectful move by the WWE, especially if it wasn’t taker’s decision to end it.


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