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Wheels & Goals: Slammy Awards 2014 Part One

I know the actual WWE Slammy Awards were a few weeks ago now but seeing as though 2014 is actually coming to an end today, I thought I would publish my own version.

There were many complaints about the actual award winners this year so feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on my chosen winners.

Of course, I haven’t covered all of the awards but I have chosen those that are arguably the most important:

Superstar of the year – Seth Rollins
The WWE Universe voted for Roman Reigns as their superstar of the year but this is something i have to disagree with. I am a fan of Reigns but he was injured for the final few months of the year and still needs much improvement in 2015. Rollins on-the-other-hand has made 2014 his own. By turning his back on The Shield and joining The Authority, Rollins quickly became the WWE’s biggest villain. This is a role that he played out brilliantly. Rollins put both Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton out of action with brutal attacks and has repeatedly beaten down fan-favourites such as John Cena and Dolph Ziggler. Rollins also won Money in the Bank and has pin-fall victories over Ambrose, Orton and Cena. Rollins plays the heel role brilliantly on the mic as well, he knows exactly how to create heat from the crowd. Rollin’s ability in the ring also propelled him above Reigns and Ambrose to win this award…. you never quite know what Rollins will do next.

2014 belonged to Seth Rollins

2014 belonged to Seth Rollins

Breakout star of the year – Dean Ambrose
If Rollins is classed as my Superstar of the Year, then his former Shield brethren, Ambrose, has to be the breakout star of the year. The only reason why Ambrose can’t be considered as ‘Superstar of the Year’ is his horrendous losing-streak that he has been given by the creative team. Ambrose is the break-out star because everybody, myself included, thought that when The Shield disbanded, Ambrose would be the one to disappear from the top of the card and fail to make it on his own. Ambrose has gone and done the complete opposite though and is arguably the biggest fan-favourite right now. His character is similar to that of Austin in that he doesn’t care what anybody thinks about him and will always take the fight to the Authority. Ambrose is great on the mic and is improving every week in the ring. If he finally starts winning matches then 2015 could easily be his year.

This is awesome moment of the year – The All-Time Greatest
Wrestlemania 30, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock all in the same ring. This intro is enough to explain why I chose this as my ‘This is awesome’ moment of the year. As a 22-year-old, i grew up watching Austin and The Rock in the Attitude Era and also saw the return of Hogan to WWE. These three are the biggest names to have ever appeared in the company and this truly was one of the moments that fans of all ages will never forget.



Surprise Return of the year – The Rock
A return is very hard to keep a secret nowadays with all of the internet rumours and leaks but on this occasion the WWE literally surprised everybody. The Rock just happened to be in Brooklyn on the day of Raw and was brought in last minute to appear on the show. None of the fans knew, most of the wrestlers didn’t know and I most definitely did not know. As i wrote at the time, this was one of the most exciting moments that the WWE has created in a long time.

Look out for more of my Slammy Award winners later-on today!!


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