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Pros and Cons taken from WWE TLC 2014

So having finally been able to sit-down and watch last night’s Tables Ladders Chairs AND Stairs Pay-Per-View, I have to say that I thought the show was a decent enough watch.

Here are my Pros and Cons of the night:


Roman Reigns Returns – I will admit it. I thought once again that it would be Randy Orton who would return to save the day and get revenge on Seth Rollins. For the second PPV in-a-row though I was wrong. Reigns made his comeback from injury and looked stronger than ever as he put Big Show through a table and knocked Rollins out. WWE has one of its top babyface characters back at last and this can only help the quality of the programming. Its just a shame that Reigns messed-up on his interview backstage…. those acting classes clearly aren’t working.

Nikki Bella keeps the title – This may come as some surprise seeing as though Bella is the villain in this storyline but I think having her as Divas champion is a refreshing change. AJ Lee has basically held that title for two years straight so it would have been boring for her to win it yet again last night. The ending was old school as Bella sprayed something into AJ Lee’s eyes and it keeps the division interesting. WWE needs to keep making the right decisions in the Divas division and should accept that this feud is now over.

Human Demolition Derby – This was the slogan used by Michael Cole to describe last night’s event and it turned out to be a good choice of words. Right from the get-go we witnessed superstars put their bodies through soo much pain in order to win. We had Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler both busted-open after using ladders as weapons. We had Erick Rowan and Big Show smashing each other through Steel Steps. We had Kane throwing Chairs into the face of Ryback. Rollins and John Cena went through plenty of tables before Dean Ambrose went airborne crazy as he jumped of ladders and through tables against Bray Wyatt. It was pure entertainment gold last night in my opinion.

Harper and Ziggler put their bodies on the line


Ambrose Losing – Can somebody please explain to me why Ambrose is constantly booked as the loser? He has just won the break-out star of the year awards, is 100% ‘over’ with the crowd and always provides the shows most entertaining and breath-taking moments. Despite this he lost yet again last night to Wyatt, after dominating the match. Ambrose also lost to Wyatt at Survivor Series, after losing to Rollins at Hell in a Cell and SummerSlam. Seeing as though Roman Reigns is likely to win the Royal Rumble, this means Ambrose will have another unsuccessful PPV next time out as well.

MizDow disqualified – As mentioned in my preview yesterday, there were soo many options the creative team could have chosen as the ending for this match. Instead however, all of these were ignored and they decided to go with The Miz having enough of the match and purposely getting disqualified. This has and always will be a poor way of ending a title match. They seriously need to consider changing the ruling on the champions keeping the belts if they get disqualified. Its just such an easy way out for the writers.

Cena Winning – Yes I know that I said that Reigns returning was a positive feature of the night, but that in-turn led to Cena winning yet another match at the expense of a young star in Rollins. Surely Cena’s run at the top of the company has to be coming to an end? Its not that I don’t like the man, its just that the WWE is full of great young superstars right now that are having to wait in the shadows as Cena continues to be booked as the king. Saying that, least this means that Brock Lesnar finally has to actually turn up to a WWE TV show…. You know, seeing as he is the champion.


What did you all think of last night’s show? Let me know in the comments sections below.





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