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WWE Tables Ladders Chairs AND STAIRS Predictions – Part Two

Welcome to part two of my late predictions for the matches at tonight’s TLC Pay-Per View.

Earlier on tonight I posted part one of my predictions, including John Cena Vs Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt Vs Dean Ambrose.

Here are my thoughts for the remaining matches:

Ryback Vs Kane (Chairs Match)  & Erick Rowan Vs Big Show (Stairs Match)
These two matches feel like they have just been thrown together in the aftermath of the Team Cena Vs Team Authority match at Survivor Series. There isn’t much of a story behind both matches other than they all happened to be against each other at the last PPV. Kane and Ryback had a little argument before Survivor Series and then Ryback made fun of Kane whilst he was forced into serving Hot Dogs. In the other match, Big Show had made yet another heel turn and has decided that he is better than everybody else and that the WWE Universe should all accept his apology for turning on Team Cena. Then we have Rowan who now apparently doesn’t like bullies……… I am sure that I have heard Ryback use that motive before? To be fair to Rowan, the crowd seemed to have taken to him since he left the Wyatt Family and he is quite decent in the ring. I’m not sure I understand why the match types have been chosen for these matches? Surely then can just be called TLC matches rather than a specific weapon? Or are chairs the only weapons legal for Kane and Ryback? If anybody knows feel free to let me know! Either way I am going to predict that both Ryback and Rowan will come out on top.

Winners – Ryback & Rowan

Kane & Ryback will be seeing plenty of chairs tonight

MizDow Vs The Usos (Tag-Team Title Match)
I have to be honest by saying that I like the way the build-up for this match has gone. Rather than it being a simple ‘challengers want to win the titles storyline’, the creative team have ensured that it is more personal than that. Having The Miz promising Jimmy Uso’s Wife, Naomi, all these big breaks in Hollywood and also saying how he thinks she is attractive was a good idea. It intensives the feud and also adds more possible outcomes to this match. Anything could happen in the last five minutes of this match. Jimmy Uso’s anger could get the better of him and he could get disqualified.  Naomi could interfere and turn on her husband, therefore costing The Uso’s the titles. Or at the other end of the scale, Damian Sandow could finally see sense and turn on the man he has helped out over the past couple of months. The crowd love Sandow and it would be great to see him turn face and eventually face-off against The Miz.  Given Naomi’s exclusion fromt he next series of  Total Divas, I am going to go with the idea that she will turn heel tonight and cost The Uso’s the match.

Winners- MizDow

A New Day Vs Gold and Stardust
To be honest I don’t really care for this match. The new trio of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods isn’t working and that is clear to see. Their group needed to be heel in order to be successful. This whole New Day gimmick is a bad idea and they should not be able to defeat the former tag-team champions tonight. It is a shame to see how poor the year has turned out for the Rhodes brothers. It seemed at one point that Cody was about to move up from the mid-card but that just never happened.

Winners – Gold and Stardust

These three would have been better off as heels


Rusev Vs Jack Swagger (US Title)
Rusev will win via submission just like he has all year long. No disrespect towards Swagger but he isn’t going to be the first man in the business to defeat the Bulgarian Brute. that mission will fall to somebody much higher up in the company……

Winner – Rusev

Nikki Bella Vs AJ Lee (Divas Title)
It has been good to see somebody other than Paige challenging for the title although this storyline has become all to confusing. There are too many questions to be asked. Why does Brie Bella now like her sister again after all the torment she ahs been put through? Why Does Nikki Bella still push her sister around even though they are ‘friends’ again? I think that tonight will add yet another twist as Brie will cost her sister the title and say that she had been playing her the whole time.

Winner – AJ Lee

Feel free to let me know your TLC predictions below!!


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