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The Pressure is now on Chelsea in the title fight

Today was the day that Chelsea’s unbeaten start to the season finally came to an end, as they were beaten 2-1 by Newcastle.

Once again Jose Mourinho had brought his Chelsea side to St James Park and left without all three points.

In-fact it was the second-time in a week that Chelsea had visited the North-East and left without a win.

Pressure could begin to get to Mourinho

Pressure could begin to get to Mourinho

Meanwhile, Manchester City won yet again in today’s evening kick-off, beating Everton 1-0 at the Etihad Stadium.

This was City’s fourth straight league win and they have now closed the gap to just three points at the top of league…… GAME ON!!

The festive period can often be a pivotal time in the title chase and the momentum is  definitely with City right now.

Once people get under the skin of Mourinho he will start to make mistakes, whether that be in his starting line-ups or by reacting to comments made by the media in his press conferences.

This was shown after today’s match when he complained about the ball boys at St James wasting time on purpose. Some of the excuses Mourinho gives when things don’t go his way are laughable at times.

I am pretty sure that in the Liverpool game towards the end of last season, Mourinho kept the ball in his hands whilst Steven Gerrard and another Liverpool player tried to retrieve it.

Even though he is commonly known for being cool and laid-back, if you push enough you will get a reaction and this is what City will be hoping for.

Sergio Aguero is key to City’s title charge


The unbeaten start has gone, along with their lead in the premier league and this is what the media will be focusing on from now on.

Opposition teams will now that Chelsea’s momentum has been halted and that maybe, just maybe, they can be defeated.

Of course injures and suspensions will play a huge part in the coming weeks. Cesc Fabregas is ruled out of Chelsea’s next match, whilst Sergio Aguero only lasted a few minutes in City’s match with Everton.

Aguero will be a huge loss for City should he be seriously injured. They nearly lost the title last year due to the argentine’s injury problems.

The title-race is about to explode into action and that is great for neutral fans like myself. Lets just hope it goes all the way down to wire again like last season.

After todays results, who do you think will win the league? Take the poll below and let me know!







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