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WWE were so close to having a good week

Before the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View last Sunday I posted a poll on who you all thought should become the new General Manager of Raw should Team Authority lose.

At the event we saw one of the best traditional elimination matches ever in my own opinion, I had everything going for it.

Sting in a WWE Ring


We had an elimination straight away with Mark Henry being knocked out by Big Show, we had Rusev go smashing through the announce table and being counted out, we had a Big Show heel turn and we had John Cena going out early!

Not only that but we had the legendary Sting show up and finally put an end to the Authority. Some of us have been waiting years to see Sting in a WWE ring so this was amazing to watch.

So after a great Sunday night, everybody’s attention turned to Raw. Just what would take place? Who would be in charge, if anybody?

The show started off fine in my opinion, I am a Daniel Bryan fan so it was a nice moment to see him getting in Triple H’s face and sending them out of the arena.

Bryan also made some great matches for the night and seeing Kane having to serve food was funny, even if a little bit pointless.

Many did not enjoy Raw but I did….. well up until the last 10 minutes or so.

The main event passed us by, Cena and Dolph Ziggler had Seth Rollins right where they wanted him but all they did was to each do their finishing moves on him.

Not much payback after months of torment by The Authority is it really?

The laptop is back in business

The laptop is back in business

The worse was yet to come as a familiar ringtone went off in the arena and the cameras spun round to reveal a stand that said: Raw Anonymous GM.

There was a laptop and Michael Cole went up and read the same old line of: “And I Quote.”

This is not what the fans wanted after a great Survivor Series! This storyline was a disaster last-time they tried it so its hard for me to see why the creative team would do it again.

This needs to be a one-week thing and the Cyber Monday edition of Raw needs to be the night where either the new General Manager is revealed or the we have the power struggle between the McMahons to see who takes control.

Otherwise it looks like Triple H might be correct – The WWE Universe will be begging for him to come back and re-take control of Monday Night Raw.


What is your reaction to the return of the anonymous General Manager? Let me know below!



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