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WWE Poll: Possibility of a General Manager after Survivor Series

On Monday Night Raw this past week the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, made a surprise announcement regarding the Team Authority Vs Team Cena match at Survivor Series.

McMahon decided to add the stipulation that if Team Authority were to lose on Sunday, then Triple H and Stephanie McMahon would lose all of the power that they currently have.

Imagine that…. A Monday Night Raw where the Authority are no longer in charge! No more irritating promos throughout each episode and no more of Seth Rollins getting everything he wants.

Triple H and Stephanie might lose their power

It is likely that we would return to the days of a General Manager being in charge of both Raw and Smackdown. This time round however he or she would most likely be a babyface character who takes the fight to Triple H and Stephanie as they try and regain control.

The question is: Who would the new General Manager be?

One of the candidates could be Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rattlesnake spent most of his career fighting those who were in charge so how great would it be to see him taking control himself.

A episode of Raw that is being run by Austin would certainly be full of chaos and maybe even a lot of violence. Austin wouldn’t take any abuse from any superstar and he definitely wouldn’t be afraid to get physical if needs be.

His history with Triple H would also add fuel to the fire so to speak.

Another idea would be to have The Undertaker make his return to the company. Taker has recently signed up to help out young superstars in NXT so this new non-fighting/authority role could be a smart move.

Taker could quickly in force a rule that ensured Brock Lesnar had to make more appearances and defend the title more often or else he would be stripped of the title. Lets face it, Taker would want revenge after losing his legendary streak at Wrestlemania 30.

The Phenom could also have fun in making Corporate Kane pay for all of  his sins over the past year whilst doing Triple H’s dirty work.

Undertake could be a cool General Manager

Being the General Manager could also allow him to return to his American Bad Ass gimmick and in-turn start coming down to the ring on his Harley Davidsons… because well, how cool was that back in the day?

A final choice could be that that Vince decides to keep it in the family and announces the return of his son, Shane McMahon.

Fans have been dreaming of a situation where Shane returns to take on his sister and brother-in-law in the running of the company.

Shane’s act would be that he has returned to take over the company that he believes should belong to him after Vince decides to pass on his legacy.

Just seeing the look on Stephanie’s face alone means would make that episode of Raw a winner with the fans.

They are just my three main options but who would you like to see in charge after Survivor Series? Take my poll below and let me know!!




2 comments on “WWE Poll: Possibility of a General Manager after Survivor Series

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  2. joni morlin
    December 1, 2014

    My opinion is that john cena needs to be the new coo and the general manager to he put him self in the survivor series and put triple h and Stephanie out of business because they need to stay out of business and stay out of John cenas take over the wwe company and Cena is for g to be the coo and the general manager to and he will makes a lot of changes around every thing like bring back all the female and male wrestlers and the paper view is going back on the tv line up and jim ross is Stat on raw commentators

    with Jerry Lawler and Tom Phillips

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