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The Rock’s Return to WWE Raw was one of the best moments in recent years

This past week on Raw we were lucky enough to witness something that doesn’t happen very often in the modern day world of wrestling.

Fans in the crowd and most likely fans at home were bored after listening to yet another Rusev and Lana pro-Russian speech when all of a sudden this music hit: IF YOU SMELLLLL…….

The fans in Brooklyn could not believe their luck as The Rock,of all people, made his return to the WWE. The fans were going crazy and so were the commentators, with Michael Cole and Jerry ‘the king’ Lawler full of excitement as they spoke.

My actual reaction to The Rock’s music hitting was to jump up out of my seat shouting Oh My God! Even my housemates, who don’t watch wrestling too often, were excited by his appearance.

It was a moment that nobody saw coming. There had been no mention of The Rock’s name in recent weeks, nor had their been any tweets or leaks of a return to the company.

This was a throw-back to the good old days, before the internet had truly taken off worldwide,  when WWE could have it’s stars return out of nowhere without anybody but themselves knowing.

Nowadays moments like this are all too rare, and both the WWE and the internet are to blame.

It is too hard to keep a secret now with all of the social networking websites being full of rumours and leaks from within the company.

The Undertakers return before Wrestlemania is a great example of this. The fans on Raw were already chanting his name 10 minutes before his music hit the arena….. even though of official statement had been made about his return.

Sure fans were still ecstatic that he was there but just imagine if he had come back like The Rock did in Brooklyn.

If this isn’t the problem then it is the WWE themselves who ruin the surprises by airing promos that tease the return of a superstar and in some cases even give a return date.

The Rock stands up to Rusev

I just hope that the WWE learn from the successful return of The Rock in the coming months. With Romain Reigns and Daniel Bryan both out injured they have to be very careful about how they bring them back.

Just imagine the crowds reaction if Bryan returns to the WWE without anybody knowing…… everybody in the arena would go crazy! At home it would feel like you had gone back in time and you were witnessing the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Bryan has the popularity to pull off a surprise return. It would be one of the moments that would be replayed over and over again, for many years to come.

As for The Rock, it looks like the company good be teasing a huge match for him at Wrestlemania 31 against Triple H of all people.

Now that would really be a throwback to the golden age of wrestling and is certainly a match that would help draw in more subscriptions to the WWE Network.


What was your reaction to The Rock’s return on Raw? Were you as shocked as everybody else? Let me know in the comments box below!


3 comments on “The Rock’s Return to WWE Raw was one of the best moments in recent years

  1. sparxteam
    October 10, 2014

    Our reps were at this show and it was definitely electrifying. Sure that reflected well on TV

  2. The unchosen one
    October 24, 2014

    It was “electrifying” indeed..WWE is no more fun nowdays though 😦

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