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Brock Lesnar’s continued absence from WWE is Bad For Business

Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, has only wrestled four times this year and has only actually shown up on Raw on a few rare occasions.

In these four matches he has battered the Big Show with a chair before the bell had rang, ended The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak and destroyed John Cena to become the champion before then retaining the belt via disqualification at Night Of Champions.

A rare appearance by Brock Lesnar on Raw

All of these results mean that he is the most successful man in wrestling right now. This status is all well and good but it is the limited appearances that lead to myself and many other fans not liking The Beast.

Turning up when and where you want was fine for Lesnar when he wasn’t the champion because he had no reason to show up every week.

He was able to turn up when he liked to intimidate his opposition or if not, he would simply send in Paul Heyman, who would give one of his excellent promos.

Now that Lesnar is champion he SHOULD be on Raw at least three times each month. He is at the top of the roster and is the one that everybody in theory should be looking up to and wanting to, one day, compete with.

The WWE fans come to see the WWE Champion, as he fights to keep his belt and trades blows with the opposition every week…. Well that is what wrestling was like a few years ago at least.

Being a part-time wrestler brings in enough heat from fans as it is but having a part-timer as the champion is just a slap in the face for all of the other members of the roster.

How must the likes of Dean Ambrose, Romain Reigns, Seth Rollins and Cesaro ( just to name a few) feel right now. Despite all of the hard work they put in week-in, week-out, they must feel like it may never be their time.

What is the point in them putting their bodies on the line if a part-timer can just walk back into the company when ever they feel like it and are handed the company’s top prize?

CM Punk left the company due to part-time wrestlers receiving main event booking

WWE will have more cases like CM PUNK if they do not start monitoring the situation and start to treat the part-timers less generously then they are doing right now.

WWE need to make sure that Brock Lesnar is back on TV very soon or fans will become more and more annoyed. You cannot have Pay-Per-Views without a WWE Title match, but that’s the way things are looking right now.

Lesnar has not been seen since Night Of Champions and there has been no mention of Cena wanting another match or of any other wrestler issuing a challenge.

Instead we have Cena and Dean Ambrose both trying to get their hands on Seth Rollins, with the other two members of The Authority, Kane and Randy Orton, also thrown into the feud.

There seems to be uncertainly around what to actually do at the Hell In A Cell PPV and this is all down to Lesnar not appearing on TV and having a contract like he has.

This is not good for business and Triple H and the rest of the creative team need to really start taking this part-time wrestling issue more seriously.

Do you agree with me? Should the WWE Champion be on the show every week? Let me know in the comments box below!


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