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Daniel Ricciardo is a future Formula One World Champion

The Italian Grand Prix gave yet more evidence to prove that Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo will become a multiple-time World Champion in the future.

The Australian produced some great overtaking as he drove through the field to finish in fifth place, behind the two Mercedes and Williams cars.

The confidence that he has in himself and the car is unbelievable. He loves to race and this is clear in the interviews that he gives following the end of the race.

He cannot help but smile as he talks about racing wheel-to-wheel with his rivals on the track.

The two overtaking moves that will stick in my mind from the weekend, were the ones that Ricciardo put on Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel.

On both occasions, Ricciardo sold the dummy as he firstly went to the outside before quickly switching back to the inside line and going past both drivers at the second Variante.

The move against Vettel was even more impressive given that his teammate had put up a good battle going into the first corner. Ricciardo’s desire to be the very best showed as he refused to sit-back and allow the reigning champion to control him.

There is no doubt about it, Riccardo has been the number one Red Bull driver this season and his three race wins prove this.

Ricciardo has to be one of the best all-out racers out there right now, alongside Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

Monza wasn’t the first time that we had seen Ricciardo’s ability when racing wheel-to-wheel with his rivals. Ricciardo has some great battles with Kimi Raikkonen at the British Grand Prix as he refused to give up his position.

In his debut season with Red Bull, Ricciardo has shown that he can not only win races but that he can easily compete against other drivers if he is not at the front of the grid.

Ricciardo is the complete package right now and will certainly be a championship favourite once the Red Bull team can produce a great car once again.

My only concern is that once the team to become a force once again, Vettel may be given the number one driver advantage again and Ricciardo will be forced to settle as the support driver.

Ricciardo has been very successful with the Red Bull team

This should not be the case and I do not want to see Ricciardo treated in the same way that Mark Webber was.

Ricciardo has been the main-man for Red Bull this season and Vettel has not even been on the same level as him. Red Bull need to remember just how much success Ricciardo has brought to the team this season, despite not having a great car.

Once Red Bull bridge the gap to the Mercedes team, Ricciardo will be fighting for race wins at every track and will be competing for the title.

Personally I cannot wait for the Red Bull to be competitive again and stop the dominance of Mercedes, which is something I never thought that I would say.

2015 might just be the year of Daniel Ricciardo as he takes the fight to Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and of course his teammate, Vettel.

Do you all agree? How impressed have you been with Daniel Ricciardo this season? Let me know!

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