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Hamilton and Rosberg clash blown out of proportion

It has been one of the most controversial weeks ever in the world of Formula One after everything that happened at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Mercedes teammates, and championship contenders, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg finally clashed on the track.

The incident led to Hamilton suffering from a puncture on the second lap of the race before eventually retiring with just five laps remaining.

Rosberg managed to survive the clash and ended up finishing in second place, just a few seconds behind the race winner, Daniel Ricciardo.

The two Mercedes drivers collide

The two Mercedes drivers collide

Since then, there have been many accusations thrown around and it seems that just about everybody has had their say. The blame has mainly been placed on the shoulders of Rosberg.

I will probably receive some stick for saying this, BUT I don’t think that Rosberg is as guilty as everybody is making out.

First of all, I find it really hard to believe that Rosberg would openly admit to Hamilton and the bosses at Mercedes that he intentionally drove into the back of his teammate.

It just doesn’t seem right that he would say those exact words and it is possible that Hamilton has blown his comments out of proportion.

Looking back at the crash itself, it does seem like a clumsy coming together in all honesty. Rosberg realised that he was not going to make the move and made two attempts to slot back into position.

Unfortunately on the second attempt, Hamilton moved his car back onto the racing line and clipped Rosberg’s front wing.

Nico-Rosberg-20131If he had waited a second longer then chances are the pair would not of touched. At the same time, if Rosberg had given up  a second earlier the pair would not of touched.

That is what we are talking about here… a time difference of a SECOND! It just seems to me that it was a clumsy move and that it is hard to see how it was done on purpose.

For Hamilton, his race could have been made easier if he hadn’t have driven soo fast back to the pits. Such was his pace, the floor of his Mercedes became more and more damage and ultimately ruined his car’s performance.

The pair clearly hate each other so it has been blown out of proportion and the management team at Mercedes are going to have a tough job containing both drivers for the rest of the season.

We could easily see a Senna Vs Prost moment before the end of the season as the title fight heats up.

Even though the Mercedes car is zoo quick, the team will need to try and avoid this happening at all costs. Ricciardo and Red Bull are lurking in the background and are ready to pounce at every moment they get.

If this rivalry continues it is hard to see both drivers remaining with the team next year. Who stays and who goes will most likely depends on who brings the title back to Mercedes.

Before I end this piece I would again like to say that I am not defending Rosberg for the collision this past weekend.

I am simply putting the collision down to clumsy driving and stating that the team now need to take control of the situation to ensure that they end the season on top as champions of both championships.

What are your thoughts? Was Rosberg out of order? Should Hamilton have said what he said after the race?


One comment on “Hamilton and Rosberg clash blown out of proportion

  1. Joe Sweeney
    August 29, 2014

    I think it was a racing incident, but one which Rosberg was very optimistic in attempting. He never really had a hope of passing as Hamilton was always going to come through the corner ahead, there was not enough track for the move.

    The reaction after has been a bit much, but at the same time I’m loving it. Wolff and Lauda probably shouldn’t have blamed Rosberg publicly, but it’s refreshing when usually nothing would be said.

    Hamilton shouldn’t have revealed any details of the internal team meeting but again, we want people to have personality and we want these outbursts so it’s a tough one. And Rosberg made no attempt at an apology while also saying it was only British fans who ere booing and that they were only booing because they’re British. Very poor remarks and actions from Rosberg also.

    No one really comes out of this looking good. The only person with reason to be at all pleased is Rosberg who extends his championship lead in a season which since June has been getting away from Hamilton, sometimes through no fault of his own.

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