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WWE SummerSlam Predictions Part One

WWE’s second biggest pay-per-view of the year SummerSlam takes place tomorrow night in LA and it is an event that I am certainly looking forward to.

The card for the event tonight is full of interesting matches and it should be an event that is full of drama and entertaining matches.

Here are my thoughts and predictions for some of those matches:

WWE Title Match – John Cena VS Brock Lesnar
This match has to be one of the worst kept secrets in recent years. Thanks to a leaked poster and other big hints and clues, fans already knew that this would be the main event at SummerSlam. The build-up to this match has certainly been different – mainly thanks to the absence of both wrestlers for more than one Monday night. The promo work has been excellent, not only thanks to Paul Heyman but also because of Lesnar himself during the video that was used on the WWE Network. There is now a lot of hype surrounding this match, with many now hoping for an all out brawl between the pair.

Their match at Extreme Rules was one of the most brutal in recent times and fans, especially those who are against Cena, will be hoping for the same. Truth be told, Lesnar is one of the most violent men in the company and could literally beat anybody on the roster…. even Cena. It seems all too obvious right now that Lesnar will come out victorious. I am not quite sure how I feel about this, which I am sure is the feeling amongst a lot of people. Yes it will be great to see somebody other than Cena be the champion but at the same time, Lesnar is a part-time wrestler who comes and goes as he pleases. A WWE Champion needs to be on Raw at least three times a month in my opinion. At the same time, he needs this win otherwise people will see the decision that saw him end the streak as an even bigger mistake. It is a tough call but either way the match itself should be a contender for match of the year.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Lumberjack Match – Dean Ambrose VS Seth Rollins
This is the match that we were all robbed of at Battleground and in truth it would have been the one that saved that PPV from being a total disaster. The rivalry between the pair has been great to watch over the past few weeks and the inclusion of the lumberjack stipulation is great. It helps us to believe just how crazy Ambrose actually is and that he doesn’t actually care how he gets his hands on Rollins as long as he does. The fact that the pair will have soo many enemies surrounding the ring makes it even more interesting. not only will this make it hard for Rollins to escape but we could also see other members of the roster taking on The Authority and prevent them from helping Rollins.

Of course it would be great to see Reigns make an appearance but in reality he will more than likely not be involved in this match…. which is a shame in my opinion. As for the result itself I have to say that I think Ambrose will be victories despite the best efforts of Rollins and the other heels surrounding the ring. Ambrose has been the surprise success following the demise of The Shield and he has been a real hit with the fans. Rollins already has the Money in the Bank Contract and has had the better of the feud thanks to The Authority over the past few weeks so it would only be right for Ambrose to finally have his revenge.

Winner: Dean Ambrose 

RAW_1046_Photo_087Romain Reigns VS Randy Orton
These two have been enemies for many months now, dating back to the battles between Evolution and The Shield. Since then Orton targeted Reigns with a steel chair when Rollins betrayed The Shield and the pair have also clashed in WWE Title contests at the last two PPVs. Orton now blames Reigns for not getting a title shot tonight and has seemingly morphed back into the old, more violent, Orton from a few years back.

This will be the biggest and most important match of Reign’s career as a singles competitor. Many have been critical of him and believe that he only has four or five big moves with nothing in-between. Despite this I think that he is definitely improving and he is the next big star in the company, whether people like it or not. His big moves such as the Superman Punch and Spear go down great with the fans and they are impressive to say the least. Given that Orton’s place at the top of the card is guaranteed no matter what happens, I expect Reigns to pick up the victory before possibly moving on to a feud with Triple H. I am hoping that this match is also quite violent to match the temper shown by Orton in recent weeks.

Winner: Romain Reigns

Look out for part two of my predictions for WWE SummerSlam tomorrow!


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