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Louis Van Gaal was wise not to make Robin Van Persie Captain

Louis Van Gaal has announced that Wayne Rooney will become the new captain of Manchester United this season.

This has come as a surprise to some, as many thought that Van Gaal would give the armband to Robin Van Persie.

RVP captained Van Gaal’s Dutch side at the World Cup in Brazil and the pair have a strong friendship both inside and outside of football.

The decision to appoint Rooney is a good one though in my opinion.

Appointing Van Persie would have had a negative effect on the rest of the United squad.

The other players would have seen it as Van Gaal simply picking his favourite player/friend to lead the team.

With rumours already circulating that Van Gaal plans to bring a few Dutch players to Old Trafford, this would have made the situation even worse.

Van Gaal needs to treat all of the players at the club the same whether they are Dutch or not.

Rooney in particular would not have been pleased if RVP was named as captain. Rooney nearly left the club following RVP’s first season with United after he fell out of favour with Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Dutchman’s performances were so good that Rooney often found himself on the bench and the England international eventually handed in a transfer request.

Rooney eventually stayed and did have a decent enough season last year… unlike RVP, who was restricted by injuries.

Rooney would have no doubt lost his head once again if Van Persie had been named captain this past week.

Everybody expected RVP to become captain

Going into this new season, the United team need to be on good terms with each other and especially with the new management team.

They can not afford to have yet another season of negativity and conflict between the dressing room and the manager. Van Gaal will have more control over the players compared to David Moyes but he still needs to avoid any arguments.

Naming Rooney as the new captain is a good start. It would have been wrong to name RVP as the captain just because they have a strong friendship.

As for Rooney as captain, I think he will do a good job. He is always very vocal on the pitch and always puts himself about in order to win the ball for his team.

The fact that the England manager is considering naming Rooney as his captain as well says it all.

Van Gaal’s time at United has been a relative success so far, with a 100% record on the pitch and intelligent decisions off the pitch.

What are your thoughts on Rooney being named the new captain? Will he do a good job?



10 comments on “Louis Van Gaal was wise not to make Robin Van Persie Captain

  1. Sibusiso Mkhize
    August 14, 2014

    I think he will do a fantastic job. his play on the pitch has great influence.

    • jc12oc
      August 14, 2014

      I hope that he does. He will need to control his temper even more now that he captain though.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. WizardWez10
    August 14, 2014

    I agree with you, giving Rooney the captaincy was a good choice as he possesses great leadership qualities, determination and passion and with the rest of the squad will now be looking up to him and hopefully his fiery passion will rub off on them.

    • jc12oc
      August 14, 2014

      The rest of the squad do need to have more passion this season and like you say Rooney certainly has that.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • WizardWez10
        August 14, 2014

        No problem:)

  3. jackbaldwin21
    August 14, 2014

    Rooney was definitely and I like Fletcher as Vice too!

  4. jackbaldwin21
    August 14, 2014

    Definitely the right choice*

  5. Admin
    August 14, 2014

    I think the decision was a good one based on the fact he has been there longer than RVP. Rooney has the most appearances for the club than all the players currently there. I think he will do a good job, it’s added pressure so hopefully it works in his favor.

  6. kofikani
    August 14, 2014

    Undoubtedly van gaal made the right choice naming rooney as captain looking at the alternatives he had. The dutch love affair between Robin and louis won’t be affected in anyway with this decision.

  7. matthew39richmond
    August 15, 2014

    In my opinion whoever had the job after Sir Alex would have had a tough time and endured a similar fate to what occurred last season. Can you imagine the immensity of change Sir Alex’s departure would have had with all those involved in arguably the greatest transition in recent football history. Can you imagine the power games which would have gone on? This is always, always under represented when people talk about Moyes time at MANU. He had an impossible challenge. This transition will not be entirely settled in this season neither. I don’t expect MANU’s woes to be fixed in the next season by Van Gaal, no matter how talented he is. Expect a tough season MANU, I’m sorry to say. By the way i don’t follow any club per se in the premier, but I follow it as an footballing enthusiast. Thanks for your interesting post wheels.

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