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This Week’s WWE Raw may have been the last we see of Kane

This week’s Raw kicked-off with a rather entertaining Last Man Standing match between Kane and Roman Reigns.

The match was a decent one in my honest opinion with both men working well together to produce a match full of heavy hits and the use of weapons.

The Devil's Favourite Demon

The Devil’s Favourite Demon

Reigns eventually overcame the Demon with his spear, showing once again that he is in the middle of a real push by the creative team.

It was what happened later in the night because of Reign’s victory that has left the fans needing answers though.

Kane stormed into the Authority’s office, removed his mask and gave it to Stephanie McMahon.

The last time Kane gave the mask to McMahon, he changed into Corporate Kane and was given the title: Director Of Operations…. a character that wasn’t really used well by the company.

I can’t help but feel that this time, the removal of the mask might signal the end of Kane as an active competitor.

Kane is now 47-years-old and his wrestling abilities have understandably started to decrease over the past few years.

Various injuries have taken a toll on the big man and he isn’t always able to keep up with the young guns in the company, such as Reigns and Daniel Bryan.

Corporate Kane working with The Authority

Corporate Kane working with The Authority

It is also harder to use the Kane gimmick to it’s full capabilities in the PG Era that we now find ourselves in. Back in the 1990’s, Kane’s character was able to do many barbaric things to his rivals but WWE are now banned from doing such things.

Not only this but we have kind of seen everything that this part of Kane’s character has to offer, especially now that The Undertaker, who had a similar gimmick, has reached the end of his career.

Glenn Jacobs, the man who plays Kane, has hinted that reitrement may be sooner then we all think and has already taken steps in his personal life to keep himself busy should he leave WWE.

As a life-long fan of Kane I hope that this isn’t the end but in reality it might be for the best. If he is to stay on in the company, I hope that they can give him a good character change.

His political background in real-life could be brought onto Raw and he would be a great general manager… one that none of the superstars would want to cross.

Then of course, before he chooses to leave the company for good, I would love to see one final match between Kane and The Undertaker at Wrestlemania… with both men officially retiring at the same time.

We will have to wait and see what WWE decide to do with this latest development but one way or another we could see one of the greats from the Attitude Era retire from wrestling in the not too distant future.


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