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Felipe Massa is the unluckiest man in Formula One Part Two

We saw this past weekend just how unlucky Formula One driver Felipe Massa has been throughout his career.

Earlier on today I looked at two examples of this bad luck: losing the championship on the final corner in 2008 and being hit by a suspension spring in 2009.

I will now look at a couple more examples of the Brazilian’s bad luck:

Fernando is faster than you….
Team orders and Ferrari are just not a good combination. The team have been punished on more than one occasion for breaching the rules and they were at it again in 2010… at the expense of Massa. Following the arrival of Fernando Alonso, Massa once again found himself as the ‘number two driver’ within the team. With Massa struggling in the championship whilst Alonso challenged for the title, there was only going to be one priority going into each race and this was all too clear at the German Grand Prix.

Massa was not happy about having to let Alonso through

Massa took the lead of the Grand Prix early on and was on course for his first victory since 2008. This was until his race engineer, Rob Smedley, spoke  popped up on the radio to him and said: “Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood that message?” A couple of laps later the Brazilian slowed down and allowed Alonso to overtake him for the lead and the eventual victory. Smedley then appeared on the radio again and said: “Ok mate good lad, stick with him now, sorry.” Massa was visibly annoyed as he appeared on the second step of the podium and Ferrari were later fined $100,000 for breaking Sporting Regulations and the case was taken to the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

2014 – The year of being taken out
Massa joined Williams for the 2014 season and the team have been in great form now that they have Mercedes engines under them. Massa and Bottas have constantly been towards the front of the pack, with the latter scoring podium finishes in the last two races. Massa though, as always, has suffered from a lot of bad luck. This all started in the first race of the season in Australia. After starting from ninth on the grid, Massa was hoping to find his way through the field in his powerful car. His race was over at the first corner however when Kamui Kobayashi braked too late and smashed right into the side of him.

Massa’s world is turned upside-down

Massa was then involved in a huge crash towards the end of the Canadian Grand Prix as he looked to finish on the podium. The Brazilian crashed into the back of Sergio Perez at the start of the final lap, with the pair arguing for days over whose fault it was. Perez was eventually punished for causing the accident. After a successful Austrian GP, Massa went into the race at Silverstone full of hope that his season was about the pick-up….. oh how wrong he was. Massa’s race was over on the very first lap, when he was unable to swerve out the way of Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari.. which was spinning back onto the track after hitting the barriers.

Sadly the same thing happened again just a few days ago in Germany. Massa had qualified third on the grid and a podium was definitely on the cards, with Lewis Hamilton all the way down in 20th place. Kevin Magnussen hadn’t read the script though and hit Massa at the first corner, causing the Williams flip upside-down.


2 comments on “Felipe Massa is the unluckiest man in Formula One Part Two

  1. jameshumberstone
    August 31, 2014

    Great series of posts, pal. I enjoyed the last section looking at the year of being taken out. All those crashes seems to have knocked his confidence a bit and it is a shame to see a very talented driver finishing so poorly due to these incidents.

    • jc12oc
      August 31, 2014

      Thanks mate! Yeah I agree with you, it is a shame. They were the last thing he deserved after all the years of suffering at Ferrari.

      Hopefully his luck will change at monza and he can aim for the podium.

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