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A Look back at the week in WWE

So the time has come for me to write my first WWE post for Wheels and Goals.

Like I said in my preview for WWE, it is a ‘sport’ that I have watched since I was a child and one that I enjoy. I will start my WWE posts by having a quick look back at this weeks events.

I have to say that Raw this week was refreshing change due to the fact that the Authority, Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon, were not in attendance.

Romain Reigns has become a fan favourite

Romain Reigns has become a fan favourite

In recent weeks episodes have been too predictable, with the pair often coming out at the start of the show and giving the same old speeches about ‘what’s best for business’ and how Daniel Bryan is a B-plus player.

In their absence we were treated to a brawl between Romain Reigns and Kane, which included a referee getting choke-slammed and ‘officials’ Jamie Noble and Finley getting knocked about by Reigns.

The child in me always loves it when a referee or manager gets attacked by the wrestlers.

I have to say that Reigns is quickly becoming thee most popular superstar out there. His move-set is explosive and really get the crowd going.

Everyone out there loves the superman punch and spear that is for sure and his cool, laid-back persona makes him much more likeable than John Cena for example.

Elsewhere we were treated to a good match between Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton. Although I was naturally disappointed with the end of The Shield, I am beginning to like the direction Ambrose is taking his character.

The street clothes and demeanour of Ambrose when he is in the ring really suit his supposed mental attitude. Although he suffered a clean loss of Orton, Ambrose is certainly one of the best performers on the current roster.

We got to see more of Mr Money In The Bank, Seth Rollins, this week as he took on the champion, Cena.

Kane helping Orton is not best for business

Kane helping Orton is not best for business

The match came to an end when Kane and Orton attacked Cena but of course we wouldn’t have seen Rollins pick up a victory over Cena anyways.

Ambrose getting involved once again is a great move and the rivalry between himself and Rollins should result in a great match at Battleground.

I couldn’t end my first WWE post without mentioning my current disappointment in the way Kane is being portrayed.

Having the Big Red Machine helping out Orton soo much is becoming an embarrassment. At the Money in the Bank PPV Kane was literally in the match to ensure that Orton won the title.

Even when Kane had a chance to climb the ladder himself, he chose not to and instead held the ladder still for the Viper.

The Kane of old would never of taken orders like this, nor would he try and help another wrestler become champion instead of himself.

We saw slight frictions between the pair this week so hopefully at Battleground, Kane will finally see sense and turn his back on the authority.


Keep checking my blog for my thoughts and opinions on WWE along with special features on my favourite wrestlers and moments from the past!




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