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Brazil 1-7 Germany: What an Embarrassment

Well nobody expected that did they?

Brazil were absolutely humiliated last night in Belo Horizonte as they were thrashed 7-1 by Germany…. Yes thats right SEVEN!




It was one of the most unbelievable nights in World Cup history and I honestly could not believe what I was watching.

The first 10 minutes had been quite normal but then Thomas Müller gave the Germans the lead after some sloppy Brazilian defending at a corner.

Little did we know what was about to happen!

Miroslav Klose doubled Germany’s lead in the 23rd minute to break the all-time World Cup scoring record, which is well deserved by the way!

Six minutes later Brazil found themselves 5-0 down as Toni Kroos bagged himself two goals, with Sami Khedira also getting in on the action.

Brazil had conceded four goals in just nine minutes! It was like watching a sunday league match, the defending was THAT BAD.

The German’s movement going forward was good but the fact of the matter is that Brazil made it really, really easy for them.

Without Thiago Silva, Brazil’s defenders had nobody to lead them and it looked like they had never played alongside each other before.

David Luiz cannot believe what is happening

The Germans celebrate a great night


Then going forward there was no spark or imagination without the injured Neymar. Hulk was wasteful and Fred was… well Fred was just Fred!

Never before have I seen a team play so badly due to the loss of two individuals. That is just appalling that they rely so heavily on two players.

Brazil tried to gain some dignity in the second-half but they left themselves wide open at the back and substitute André Schürrle punished them on two occasions to make it 7-0.

Oscar scored the most pointless World Cup goal in history in the closing moments but the damage was well and truly done.

Brazil’s World Cup dream had officially turned into a living nightmare and they were rightfully booed off the pitch at the full-time whistle.

Fans both in the stands and across the country were left in tears after being let down by their heroes.

The inquest into this World Cup will be a big one and I am confident that many of these players may never wear that famous shirt again. 


3 comments on “Brazil 1-7 Germany: What an Embarrassment

  1. matthew39richmond
    July 15, 2014

    Fred was downright disgraceful this world cup. He will long be held in contempt over his performance or lack there of this world cup. Why did Scolari keep playing him? Germany put on a clinic this game and it will be used as a blueprint on this near perfect game for a long time.

    • jc12oc
      July 19, 2014

      It was a poor Brazil team in general but you are right, Fred has to be one of the worst strikers I have seen in a long time. If you hadn’t seen the startling line-ups, you would have had no idea that he was even on the pitch.

      • matthew39richmond
        July 19, 2014

        What made it all the more strange was that he had an outstanding Confederations Cup.

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