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Poll: Brazil’s superstar Neymar is OUT of the World Cup

Brazil made it through to the World Cup semi-finals last night after a 2-1 win over Colombia.

Their players and fans would not be celebrating for long though as news began to filter than Neymar’s World Cup was over.

The Barcelona player left the pitch on a stretcher in the closing stages after being kneed in the back by Colombia defender Juan Camilo Zuniga.

Neymar’s World Cup is over

Doctors then confirmed last night that the 22-year-old would be out for at least four weeks – meaning that Brazil would be without him for the rest of the competition.

X-rays confirmed that Neymar had suffered a clean break of his vertebra, but it is believed that he will not need surgery.

Brazil have really been carried by Neymar through most of the World Cup and without him they most likely would not still be in the competition.

Neymar has scored four goals and helped create goal scoring chances thanks to his all-out attacking style of play.

His pure talent and skill has been the only real shining light of their campaign so far and you have to wonder what effect this will have on the squad going into the semi-final against Germany.

The amount of pressure of these Brazilian players was already out of control but it is only going to increase now that Neymar is unable to play.

With all of this in mind, do you think that Brazil can still win the World Cup now that Neymar’s competition is over? Take the poll below and let me know!


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