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Valentino Rossi is staying put in Moto GP

This week Moto GP fans were given the news that the legend that is Valentino Rossi will be staying with Yamaha for the next two seasons.

As a huge Rossi fan myself, I have to say that this is great news as he really adds that something special to the sport and, despite his age, he is still performing at the top level.

Admittedly  I did wonder if the 35-year-old would stay on in the sport after this year, especially with the rise of Marc Marquez.

Then again his 2014 record of four second-place finishes and eight podiums in total shows that he has once again regained his confidence and love of the sport.

Those two seasons at Ducati really were life-changing for Rossi… and not in a good way. It took him a year to get back into the Yamaha rhythm but it seems to be all running smoothly once again now.

He has constantly been the best of the rest behind Marquez, who lets face it might as well be in a championship on his own.

Fans around the world still love Rossi that is for sure, with all the yellow flags and t-shirts still visible at the circuits after all these years.

I for one still cheer him on every race weekend in the hope that maybe, just maybe he can topple Marquez.

The contract being for 2 years is still surprising and you have to wonder where this leaves Jorge Lorenzo. I doubt he will be happy about Rossi being handed a long contract at his age.

The longer the contract the better though in my opinion, as long as he is still competitive I don’t see why he should be involved in motorbike racing.

Rossi can always come and race in the British Superbike Championship when he probably leaves Moto GP in 2017… that would certainly make the attendances rise!

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