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Luis Suarez finally apologises for biting Chiellini

The notorious Uruguayan, Luis Suarez has bit the bullet (literally) and apologised to Giorgio Chiellini.

The incident involving the Liverpool striker and Juventus defender hit the headlines last week following Uruguay’s 1 – 0 defeat over Italy in the 2014 World Cup. Suarez appeared to bite the shoulder of Chiellini and then fall to the ground, clutching at his infamous gnashers.

After the backing of the Uruguayan FA and denying the incident, Suarez has taken to twitter to apologise directly to Chiellini. 6 days later,  he has admitted to biting the Italian’s shoulder and owned up to biting his third victim in his professional football career.

Can we really trust this apology from him though? This is his third incident of the same sort after all. In a previous apology, after Suarez had bitten Branislav Ivanovic, he also stated that he would learn from his mistakes and wanted to become a better footballer on and off the pitch.

It is going to take a lot this time for Suarez to clear his name and everybody will be watching his every move from now on.

Suarez now has a lengthy ban to endure consisting of not stepping foot in a football ground, a 9-match international ban and not playing for 4 months, anywhere.

Following this apology, Chiellini has responded to Suarez in a surprising tweet – forgiving him and hoping that FIFA reduce his sentence.

I personally hope that FIFA ignore the plea of Chiellini… it would be outrageous if his ban was to be reduced.


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