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Luis Suarez receives four-month ban

FIFA have announced that they have banned Luis Suarez for four-months from taking part in any football-related activity.

The Liverpool forward has also been banned for nine international matches and was given a £65,600 fine.

The ruling means that Suarez’s World Cup is now over.

The Uruguay striker has been banned after he appeared to BITE the shoulder of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on Tuesday. This was the third different occasion in-which Suarez has bitten an player.

The decision is bad news for Liverpool fans, with Suarez not likely to feature until their match against Newcastle on November 1st.

Personally I believe the length of the ban is correct but it should not start until the end of August. After the World Cup there is no football played for the rest of July or the start of August, so whats the point in him being banned during this time?

Liverpool fans are understandably annoyed with the outcome as they don’t see why they have been punished as well as Suarez.

Looking back though, they should really be pointing the blame at Suarez and not FIFA.

He obviously wasn’t thinking about them when he one again decided to bite another player.

What is your reaction to the news this afternoon? Let me know below!


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