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World Cup 2014: Suarez bites AGAIN!

That man Luis Suarez has been at it again!!

Italian defender, Giorgio Chiellini, is the Uruguayan’s latest victim after being BITTEN on the shoulder during their final World Cup group match.

The two players came together in the penalty area and it initially looked like Suarez had gone to head-butt Chiellini.

Replays soon showed what had really happened though…. Suarez had sunk his teeth into a rival yet again!

Chiellini was outraged by the incident and was seen showing what looked to be bite marks on his shoulder.

Suarez remained on the pitch and Uruguay made it through to the knock-out stages of the competition thanks to a Diego Godin goal.

In my opinion though the striker definitely should not be allowed to play any further part in the World Cup. This isn’t exactly the first time that he has been involved in an incident like this.

Suarez was banned for seven games back in 2010 for biting Otman Bakkal whilst playing for Ajax. Then just last year he was banned for 10 matches after biting the arm of Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic.

I just don’t know what goes on inside the head of Suarez, I mean who goes around biting people? He is a talented player and can produce moments of pure quality but he lets himself down on a regular basis.

People are never going to respect him or like him when he goes around biting other players. His general behaviour on the pitch is bad enough as it is, especially when it comes to diving about.

Suarez needs to be heavily punished this time round, it is just not acceptable. Both FIFA and the Uruguayan FA need to sanction him.

Of course, this latest incident has come just days after Suarez said the English press have treated him badly over the years and have tried to exploit him.

How else does he expect people to react when he does things like this?


7 comments on “World Cup 2014: Suarez bites AGAIN!

  1. George Timms
    June 24, 2014

    Can understand the diving to an extent, don’t like it but he can gain an advantage for the team from it, but biting? Whether you have a short fuse or not why bite? Also, what did Chiellini actually do? And same goes for Ivanovic for that matter. Just wierd!

    • jc12oc
      June 24, 2014

      It is just crazy! I don’t understand what goes on inside that head of his. I didn’t actually see Chiellini do anything to provoke him.

      It is a shame because he is an excellent player but he will always be remembered for things like this.

      • George Timms
        June 24, 2014

        They say he lost his rag and he has a short fuse, but it seems more like a psychotic episode!

        Although, Italians have a history of saying insulting things to provoke in the World Cup…

        It is a shame, definitely. It means we are unlikely to see him play again in this World Cup.

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