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Candidates for the Manchester United job: Louis Van Gaal

Louis Van Gaal
Nationality: Dutch
Clubs Managed: AZ, Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Netherlands

The Dutchman is the bookies favourite to take over at Old Trafford  and it is easy to see why. Van Gaal is by far the most experienced man in the frame for the job, and is much older and wiser than most of his rivals. Van Gaal has won the domestic League title in Holland (x4), Spain (x2) and Germany (x1) along with winning the domestic cups in each of those countries. Van Gaal has also won the Champions League with Ajax, along with the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Super Cup. Van Gaal also has international experience and has managed the Dutch national team at the World Cup and European Championships. Van Gaal knows how to succeed and win trophies, which is what the Manchester United fans expect of their manager and team. Van Gaal has shown that he can be successful on both domestic and European fronts and is therefore the complete opposite of David Moyes. Van Gaal also has a strong relationship with Robin Van Persie, having managed him with the Dutch national team. RVP has enjured a terrible second season at Old Trafford and it was clear that he and Moyes did not have a relationship at all. Van Gaal knows how to treat RVP and knows what training methods to use in order to prevent any further injury. Van Gaal could be the man to save Van Persie’s United career.

Despite having been successful across Europe, Van Gaal has never attempted to manage in the Premier League. This again, as mentioned in the other candidates’ profiles could become an issue. The teams in England are much more competitive compared to those in Holland, Germany and Spain. Van Gaal would have to adapt quickly to the English game if he is to succeed at Manchester United. Both Barcelona and Bayern Munich have sacked Van Gaal after poor seasons so this could play on his mind should United start slowly next season. Van Gaal has a history of falling out with big egos at clubs which could become an issue with Wayne Rooney. Van Gaal has previously fought with Rivaldo and Luca Toni. Toni ended up leaving Bayern Munich, whilst the row with Rivaldo (along with other issues) led to Van Gaal leaving Barcelona. Rooney has threatened to leave Old Trafford twice and does not like it when he doesn’t get his way. Another argument with the club could lead to Rooney leaving Old Trafford and Van Gaal isn’t one to back down in a confrontation.

Van Gaal has been one of the most successful managers in Europe over the past 20 years and it is clear to see why he is the bookies favourite. Van Gaal knows how to win trophies and this is what is required of Manchester United every season. I think that the Dutchman would fit in perfectly at United as along as he adapted quickly to managing in England. Van Gaal gives the impression of being a strong manager and one that the players obey and respect from the get-go. I cannot imagine any of the players trying to undermine Van Gaal. The 62-year-old would be no push-over and would tell it how it is… something that I believe a lot of the current players need in the dressing room. As a United fan I also want to see Van Persie back at his best, even if it is just for one more season. Their relationship could be the key to United having a great season next year. Van Gaal’s managerial record would also help the club in the transfer market as there are many players across Europe that respect him and would want to play under him.

Do you agree with me? Is Van Gaal the perfect candidate for Manchester United? Let me know below!



2 comments on “Candidates for the Manchester United job: Louis Van Gaal

  1. Steve_Bro
    April 24, 2014

    Reblogged this on Steve_Bro.

  2. Alex McIntyre
    April 25, 2014

    Arguably not. His last Champions League trophy came in 1995 and he has a history of falling out with players and board members. However, he is probably the best candidate available at the moment. I’m currently finishing a post about United’s predicament and it should be up tomorrow, check out http://www.explainingtheoffsiderule.wordpress.com! Great blog by the way!

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