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Manchester City losing has saved this season’s FA Cup

Manchester City were knocked out of the FA Cup by Wigan for the second year is succession at the weekend.

I thoroughly enjoyed this result I have to say, and not just because I am a United fan.

I was happy because it means that the remaining fixtures in the FA Cup this season will be exciting and to some degree unpredictable.

Wigan have saved the FA Cup once again

Championship side, and current holders, Wigan joined Arsenal, Hull and League One side Sheffield United in the Semi-Finals.

Hull and Sheffield United were drawn against each other, meaning that at least one of the underdogs will make the final. The winner of that game will face either Arsenal or Wigan.

Now had City won at the weekend, the rest of the FA Cup would have been a walk over for them.

City have already demolished Arsenal once this season and would have had no problem in destroying one of the two Yorkshire sides in the final…. it could have been an embarrassing day out for one of them clubs.

There would have been no excitement surrounding the final as it would have been a for-gone conclusion.

Now I know that Arsenal are still a top club who are challenging for the Premier League and I am by no means putting them down in the piece.

I just feel although the other teams, especially Wigan, will not fear Arsenal as much as they would City. Arsenal have put in some questionable performances as of late and the players have been arguing amongst themselves.

Arsenal will have to cope with the pressure

Having not won a trophy in nine years, there is also a lot of pressure on the squad to finally win some silverware. The pressure will have just risen as well given their Cup rivals this season.

The smaller teams left in the competition can use this to their advantage…. Just ask Birmingham City fans and they will gladly tell you all about this strategy.

Wigan will be brewing with confidence and I expect them to push the Gunners all the way in their Semi-Final showdown.

As for the other semi-final, Sheffield United can play with complete freedom as nobody expects them to be there.

Just imagine if a League One club was to win the FA Cup….. The magic is still there people!!!! 



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