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F1: Williams’ new Martini Livery looks amazing

The Williams Formula One team announced a sponsorship deal with Italian drinks company Martini this week.

Martini have become the team’s main sponsor and the outfit will now be known as the Williams Martini Formula One Team.

This has also led to a brand new livery for the 2014 cars and  in my opinion it is thee best-looking car on the 2014 grid.

Not only that but I think that the paint scheme is one of the best liveries of all time. It is simple, yet has an elegant look about it.

Williams’ 2014 livery

It is a great sight to see the Martini stripes back in motorsport and I personally hope that we will be seeing the 2014 Williams fighting for podium finishes.

Who knows, with that Mercedes engine underneath them the team could find themselves on the top step of the podium.

I want to know if you all agree with me on this? Which livery do you think is the best of all time? Tell me in the comments box below and feel free send me some photos of your choices!


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