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Caterham’s 2014 Formula One Car

All of the Formula One teams have been busy unveiling and testing their brand new cars for the first time this week.

There have been all kinds of different designs unveiled by the teams to try and comply with the new rules and regulations for the 2014 season.

We have seen cars that still look reasonably good such as the Mercedes and Ferrari but we have also seen the ugly-side to the new rules with the new Lotus.

Caterham's design has received mixed reviews

Caterham’s design has received mixed reviews

We now have a rival for the title of worst-looking car though after Caterham showed off their brand new car for the first time.

The car, which has received heavy criticism on Twitter, has been designed in a completely different way to that of the other teams.

The front of the car starts off quite similar to that of previous seasons but then all of a sudden a much narrower nose tip comes out of the bodywork.

The tip is much longer compared the ‘anteater’ design used by McLaren and looks completely out of place on the car in my opinion.

As the front of the car is quite square, rather than curved, it just doesn’t look right to me.

The rest of the car looks quite nice, painted in a glossy green colour with the wings painted black.

The team will be hoping this car can provide them with better performances this season, especially after the team owner threatened to walk-away from the sport if results did not improve.


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