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McLaren’s 2014 Formula One car revealed

McLaren have revealed their new 2014 car that they hope will push them back up the field after a dismal 2013.

The car, named the MP4-29, was unveiled at McLaren’s headquarters in a low-key event.

McLaren’s 2014 challenger

The new car features the same stylist silver paint work associated with McLaren, with black front and back wings. There seems to be a lack of red this season but this may change once sponsorship appears on the car.

The car features the new ‘anteater’ nose to make sure that the car fits in with the new regulations.

The nose of an F1 car has to be much lower this season and the front wing also has to be narrower.

This has led to much speculation that the 2014 cars will look quite ugly and designers try and figure out how they can adapt their cars to match the new rules …. Without ruining their performance.

I personally think that the new McLaren looks quite nice and the overall design of the car flows quite well.

The new ‘anteater’ nose is certainly going to be a hit and miss design but if it means that McLaren can become a threat once more than I am sure fans will get over it.

It certainly looks much better than the front nose design that Lotus have gone for in 2014.


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