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Lotus unveil radical 2014 F1 car

The Lotus F1 team have unveiled their 2014 challenger and it is certainly a head turner.

The new regulations for 2014 have led to teams having to ensure that the nose of their cars are much lower than previous seasons.

This has led to the likes of McLaren and Williams using an ‘anteater’ design on their new cars.

Lotus’ 2014 car with it’s ‘twin tusk’ design

Lotus on the other hand have gone with a completely different design.

Dubbed the ‘twin tusk,’ Lotus’ car features a nose that has been split into two, with one ‘tusk’ longer than the other.

The longer ‘tusk’ forms the mandatory nose tip in order to match the rules, with the shorter ‘tusk’ being short enough not to be considered as being part of the nose tip.

This is certainly a surprise design by Lotus and it will be interesting to see if other teams that are yet to unveil their cars have gone with anything similar to it.

Lotus’ 2014 F1 car

I for one am not a fan of the Lotus design. I know that none of the cars are going to look that great because of the new rules but I think this is certainly the ugliest so far.

McLaren’s 2014 car certainly looks much better than this.

As I have said previously though, if this design is the one that leads to race victories then everybody will forget about how ugly it looks.

The 2014 season is starting to take shape, with more and more teams revealing their new cars.


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