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Breakthrough player of the year 2013

The Wheels and Goals award for breakthrough player of the year 2013 goes to Manchester United player Adnan Januzaj.


This was a tough decision for me to make as there have been many good young players that have stepped up and made a breakthrough into their respected first or international teams.

I would firstly like to give a mention to Southampton midfielder Adam Lallana, who I believe had a great 2013 and deserves to be included in England’s World Cup squad.

However, being a United fan, Januzaj was the clear winner of this award.

The 18-year-old was promoted to the first team by Sir Alex Ferguson towards the end of last season and stepped up to the challenge immediately during pre-season.

The potential of Januzaj is clear to see and he has often been the man of the match for United in this campaign.

He is not afraid of taking people on and shows great strength when running with the ball. Januzaj’s natural ability shines throughout his performances and he has, at times, carried the current United team.

Januzaj beat Sunderland all by himself and was instrumental in the away match against Aston Villa.

Januzaj is a player that myself and other United fans are very excited about and he has the potential to become one of the world’s greatest footballers.

United managing to get him to sign a new five-year contract may have been one of the best bits of business the club did in 2013.

Here is the breakthrough player of the year in action:

Do you agree with my choice? Who would you have chosen for this award?


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