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Alonso wants to stay at Ferrari

Fernando Alonso has committed his long-term future to Ferrari.

The two-time world champion told sky sports news that he wants to honour his contract with the Italian team.

As I reported earlier on today, McLaren team boss, Martin Whitmarsh, had openly admitted that McLaren would love to have the Spaniard back next season.

Alonso wants to stay with Ferrari

It seems Alonso does not share the same enthusiasm to go back to McLaren and is looking forward to finishing his carer with Ferrari.

Alonso insisted:

“I keep repeating every weekend – and I don’t know why I have to keep repeating – I love Ferrari and I will stay in Ferrari until the end.”

Alonso went on to say that his one year at McLaren was not so troublesome as people make out. He did however mention that it was one person’s philosophy at the team that caused problems.

Alonso stated that:

“It is nice to have the comments from the other team principals every year saying they respect my job and my professionalism – especially McLaren as there were so many rumours that we had a lot of problems that year, but I always say that I had no problems with anyone. It was just the philosophy of the team or rather one man in the team that is no longer there.”

Martin Whitmarsh showed interest in Alonso

So it seems that we can safely say that Ferrari’s line-up next season will consist of Kimi Raikkonen and Alonso.

Red Bull’s and Mercedes’ driver line-ups are also complete, leaving very little space within the top teams.

It I was Sergio Perez, I would be sweating on that new contract. Having your team boss openly talk about another driver joining the team is never a good sign, especially when your teammate has already signed a new contract.

Expect other drivers to now be linked with the second seat at McLaren.

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