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Ronaldo takes his anger out on Bale

It looks like, as expected, Cristiano Ronaldo is not happy about loosing his status of world’s most expensive player.

Ronaldo spent most of Real Madrid’s training session yesterday taking out Gareth Bale with some questionable tackles.

Ronaldo seems keen to remind the Welshman who is boss in the Madrid team.


Bale confronts Ronaldo

Ronaldo lunges in towards Bale

Ronaldo lunges in towards Bale









Bale did escape any injuries but the 24-year-old did not look too pleased with his Portuguese teammate, with the pair having a disagreement towards the end of training.

Real Madrid will be hoping that this inter-team rivalry does not occur when the pair are on the pitch. A dispute between the pair could cause a divide within the squad.

This is what happens when you have two egos playing within the same team.

Carlo Ancelotti has a tough job keeping both Bale and Ronaldo happy by the looks of this!

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