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Vettel Wins Boring Italian Grand Prix

Just as I warned you all yesterday, Sebastian Vettel dominated the Italian Grand Prix today.

All I can say is that I am glad I used Sky Plus to record the race, that way I could fast-forward my way through the uneventful race.

The championship leader led from start-to-finish without anybody challenging him. The German ended up finishing the race around 11seconds ahead of Fernando Alonso.

Way ahead: Sebastian Vettel's dominance is shown with this picture of his lead ahead of the Ferrari's

Vettel drives off into the distance yet again

Vettel now has a 53 point lead in the championship and is set to win a fourth straight title.

The best part of today’s race was during the podium celebrations, with the Italian fans booing Vettel, both when he received his trophy and when he was speaking on the microphone.

Vettel’s defence against the booing was that he wasn’t wearing the red of Ferrari.

Vettel insisted:

“It was a fantastic race but you can hear the difference when you don’t win here in a red suit but it means you have done well and beaten the red men but it was a great team effort today.”

This was not the case though as Mark Webber was not booed at all by the crowd.

It is clear that fans around the globe are not impressed with the young German. Fans like to see exciting racing, something that we don’t get to see when Vettel starts from pole position.

Vettel’s treatment of Webber hasn’t helped his case with the F1 fans. The Australian is a huge fan favourite who has been mis-treated by both Vettel and the Red Bull team.

I just hope that next season’s big rule changes will close the gap between Vettel’s Red Bull and the rest of the field.

Anybody else agree with me on this?


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