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Özil’s move to Arsenal has angered Madrid fans and players

It seems that the transfer of Mesut Özil to Arsenal has angered quite a few people in the world of football.

It has firstly angered the Madrid fans, who did not want the club to sell the German International. During the introduction of Gareth Bale, fans were chanting the words ‘Don’t sell Özil’ towards the clubs president, Florentino Perez.

Team mates: Lukas Podolski welcomes fellow German Mesut Ozil to Arsenal

Podolski welcomes Ozil to Arsenal

Spanish newspaper, AS, has also claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed his disappointment about the transfer to his Portugal teammates.

Ronaldo is quoted as saying:

“The sale of Özil is very bad news for me. He was the player who best knew my moves in front of goal… I’m angry about Özil leaving.”

Both Sergio Ramos and new signing, Isco, have also expressed their dis-belief that Madrid decided to sell Özil.

Ramos insisted:

“Özil would be the very last player who I would sell from Real Madrid, if it was up to me. I don’t understand this.”

Isco meanwhile was shocked about the departure:

“To be honest it has surprised me, and more so after he said last week that he was going to stay. We all know Özil, he has a lot of quality and he’s a player who is capable of changing a game.”

Ronaldo unhappy about the transfer of Özil

Ronaldo is angry that Madrid sold Mesut Özil

Real Madrid are claiming that the player always wanted to leave the club and that it was his decision. In reality, it is obvious that they have sold Özil to help fund their purchase of Gareth Bale.

The money from the Özil deal will help pay back the loans taken out by Madrid to fund the £85million transfer of Bale.

In all honesty I can understand the anger surrounding the departure of this player. He was one of the best players at Madrid last season, and at only 24-years-old is still in the early stages of his career.

For Ronaldo to say that Özil understands his game the best is a huge complement. That is basically saying that Özil helped Ronaldo be the great player that he is.

The stats back Ronaldo’s claim, with Mesut setting up 47 goals during his time at Real Madrid, that’s more than any other player throughout Europe’s top five leagues.

The move is a surprise and it also puts more pressure on Bale to perform at his new club. If his performances are not of a high standard, fans will point to the transfer of Özil to Arsenal.

Angering Ronaldo is also not the best of ideas right now. The 28-year-old is already frustrated that Madrid won’t give him a bigger contract. He is also understood to be annoyed about Madrid making Bale the world’s most expensive player, replacing Ronaldo at the top.

It is going to be an interesting season in Spain.


4 comments on “Özil’s move to Arsenal has angered Madrid fans and players

  1. Matthew Levine
    September 4, 2013

    Such a great signing by Arsenal. Madrid may come to regret swapping him fro Bale.

  2. peteonsport
    September 4, 2013

    I’m very surprised that they have been quoted as saying those things, normally players don’t grumble publicly about transfers. These quotes are either made up or they feel very strongly about the sale. Perez is more interested in having a collection of big names than a team that is happy and in tune with each other, which is why their wait for a tenth European title will continue.

    • jc12oc
      September 4, 2013

      there were a couple of more players who arnt happy. i agree with you on perez! doesnt matter how many big names you buy, they need to gel together as a team!

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