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Belgian GP – Pirelli under pressure again from F1 drivers

Pirelli finds themselves under more pressure tonight after two tyre failures in the practice sessions today at Spa.

Both Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso suffered right-rear tyre failures during the two free practice sessions and drivers are now looking for reassurances from the tyre provider.

Pirelli have not had a good season and have come in for a lot of criticism, both from drivers and fans due to tyre blowouts.

Close-up: Vettel's right-rear tyre is closely examined by Red Bull mechanics

The remains of Vettel’s tyre.

Fans have blasted Pirelli for producing tyres that don’t have a long life expectancy. This had led to drivers having to slow their pace down in order to keep to their race strategies.

Safety has also been an issue, especially in June, when the British Grand Prix almost had to be stopped due to tyre failures.

Five drivers suffered from tyre explosions during the race, with debris from the tyres flying across the track. Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen came very close to being struck by pieces of debris that came from the exploding tyres.

Pirelli have changed their entire range of Formula One tyres since then, but it looks like their problems might be back.

Both of the failures today occurred between turns 13 and 14 of the Belgian track, which comes just after the 150 mph Pouhon double left-hander. These left handers put a lot of pressure onto the right-rear tyre… something that it seems they could not handle today.

Spa is one of the quickest and most dangerous tracks on the F1 calendar so the drivers have every right to be concerned.

A tyre failure around this track could be fatal…. I would not want to even think of the outcome should a tyre explode as the cars are going up Eal Rouge.


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