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Transfer News – Fellaini and Baines bid rejected

Everton have rejected a joint bid from Manchester United for Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines.

The fee was believed to be around £28million but Everton have been quick to reject the offer from United.

It is believed that £16million of the bid was for Fellaini, whose £23.5million contract release clause expired at the end of July.

It is this fact that has angered Everton, as Manchester United manager, David Moyes, was in charge of Everton when that clause was inserted into Fellaini’s contract.

Everton have rejected bids for Fellaini and Baines

United then offered Everton £12million for Baines, the same amount that they offered the Toffees in June. That bid was originally rejected so it is strange that United did not offer more this time round.

It is going to be hard for David Moyes to negotiate with Everton now, even more so than it already was before this joint offer. The new United manager is finding it really difficult for find success in the transfer market.

United will not get Fellaini for less than the release clause and they will probably have to offer even more now. For me, Fellaini is not worth much more that the £23.5million so Moyes has to be careful.

As for Baines, I think that United should go back in with a £15million bid and not a penny higher.

It is going to be an interesting final two weeks of the transfer window for Manchester United. I just hope we aren’t pushed into panic buying like Arsenal had to last year.


3 comments on “Transfer News – Fellaini and Baines bid rejected

  1. peteonsport
    August 19, 2013

    I do hope Moyes didn’t suggest that fee, because if he did he is being rather disrespectful towards his former club.

  2. RD@TF
    August 20, 2013

    RD from teamfootball.wordpress.com – nice blog you have here, very up to date too! Also a United fan and agree with this. Evra had a dip in form but isn’t quite past it yet so don’t want to overpay for Baines, albeit he is a class talent, and as for Fellaini…hmm…Ronaldo will only have one year left on his contract next summer so I’d rather save the money and gamble on that than pay £20m+ for a player I’m not totally convinced by.

    • jc12oc
      August 20, 2013

      Thanks, glad you like it! Yours is cool too, followed you 🙂 feel free to follow back! As for Ronaldo… I would love to see him back in the United shirt but not sure if it’s going to happen this season. The number 7 shirt is free though…

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