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British Superbikes – Shane Byrne wins Race Two at Oulton Park

Shane Byrne was victorious in race two at Oulton Park, winning his 50th British Superbike race.

The 2012 champion held off a strong challenge from Josh Brookes to win at Oulton Park for the seventh time in his career. Samsung Honda rider, Ryuichi Kiyonari finished in third place after a quiet race for the Japanese rider.

It was a bad race for race one winner, James Ellison, who crashed out whilst battling Alex Lowes for the final podium place. Lowes also suffered the same fate, crashing out of third place on the last lap.

It was another strong race for Tommy Bridewell, who ended up finishing in fourth place after the chaos that went on further up the track.

The start of the race saw Lowes make a great start, taking the lead away from Shane Byrne at the first corner. Brookes also got a great start and moved up to fourth place on the first lap.

Byrne wasn’t behind for long however and re-gained the lead on lap two. Lowes didn’t give up easily and the two battled for the lead throughout the next two laps.

Shane Byrne won race two at Oulton Park

Byrne stayed behind Lowes until lap six, taking the lead with a move through Lodge. Lowes soon found himself dropping down into third place, with Ellison overtaking him at the first corner.

The top four continued to pull away at the front, with Byrne unable to really pull away from the chasing pack.  Brookes then made his move and took third place away from Lowes, squeezing past the Samsung Honda rider at Lodge.

The Australian soon found himself in second place, taking advantage of a mistake from Ellison at the Shell Oils corner. Ellison went wide going into the corner and Brookes JUST managed to sneak past, sitting Ellison up in the process.

The mistake had clearly shaken Ellison up and he was soon under pressure from Lowes. The Samsung Honda rider decided to make his move at the entrance to Island Bend. Lowes went in to the corner a little too fast however and sent both himself and Ellison wide, with the latter having to go off the track and onto the grass. Ellison had to jump off the bike to avoid crashing into the barriers.

Byrne started the last lap of the race with Brookes and Lowes right behind him. Lowes then tried to make the same move as he did on Ellison, on Brookes. The Tyco Suzuki rider was having none of it and kept Lowes behind him.

Lowes tried to set his bike up for a move on the exit of lodge but got the power down too early and crashed out of the race. With Lowes out of the way, Brookes was able to hold on to his second place, finishing just behind Byrne.

Alex Lowes crashed out of the race

Oulton Park race two results:          

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