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F1 – Alonso should seriously consider leaving Ferrari.

Fernando Alonso has apparently been given a telling off by Ferrari president, Luca Di Montezemolo after his comments at the weekend.

When asked about what he would like for his birthday, Alonso replied by saying that he wanted somebody else’s car.

The Spaniard’s comments also came during a weekend that was full of speculation that the Ferrari driver could be interested in a possible move to Red Bull.  Rumors were circulating that Alonso’s manager, Luis Garcia Abad, had held a meeting with Red Bull boss, Christian Horner regarding the vacant seat at Red Bull next year.


Alonso is becoming inpatient with his Ferrari

Now for me, I cannot blame Alonso for being disappointed and irritated about the way his season is going at Ferrari.  For the last three seasons, the Ferrari has not been competitive enough and has struggled to keep up with the Red Bulls. This season the team has seemingly also fallen behind Mercedes and Lotus in the pecking order.

This car is not good enough for a driver like Fernando Alonso, a World Champion on two occasions. For many, Alonso is the best driver on the grid and has been for years. What he almost accomplished last season was amazing. He had one of the worst cars on the grid and yet came soo close to beating Vettel for the title.

Ferrari are arguably the most famous team within the sport and has a history of making championship winning cars, just look at the career of Michael Schumacher. When Fernando Alonso joined the team in 2010 I can guarantee that he would have expected to of won at least one championship by now.

Now aged 32, Alonso is at a very important stage of his career. The next move he makes could very well be his last in the sport so it has to be the correct one.

So, should Alonso join Red Bull next season?

In my opinion the answer has to yes, both for his career and for the well-being of the sport. The Ferrari team have not improved the performance of their car over the last three seasons, whilst Red Bull have got stronger and stronger.

Red Bull

Red Bull have dominated F1 for the past three years

Red Bull have dominated the sport, winning both the Drivers and Constructors Championships for the last three seasons and are on course for a 4th success this season. If Fernando wants to add to his two World Championships then he has to move to Red Bull.

The move would also be great for the spectators. Alonso in the same car as Vettel would be an exciting prospect. He would be able to get the same out of the car as Sebastian can, possibly even more.  He status as the best driver on the grid would increase and there would be a strong challenger to Vettel…. which is what the sport needs to keep it interesting!

Alonso would also not let Vettel be in control of the team and so would not suffer like the unfortunate Mark Webber has over the years.
Keep checking out my blog for updates on the future of Fernando Alonso!

3 comments on “F1 – Alonso should seriously consider leaving Ferrari.

  1. emmasteer
    July 30, 2013

    I heard about Alonso’s telling off earlier, and I completely agree with this. He has much better prospects with Red Bull than he currently does with Ferrari.

  2. jc12oc
    July 30, 2013

    It would be the right thing to do, especially after just turning 32. He would have a great chance of beating Vettel and becoming champion again!

  3. therealfrenchy
    August 2, 2013

    It would be great for Formula One if he made the switch, just imagine the fireworks! But I’d be amazed if Alonso would be happy to compete on equal terms with anyone after being top dog at Ferrari. I think Vettel would be very reluctant to let someone like Alonso come in and potentially show him up considering it would harm his status in F1.

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