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Transfer News – Gary Hooper

Celtic have today accepted a bid from QPR for star striker Gary Hooper.

Now for me, if Hooper chooses to make the move I cannot help but think that it is a huge step down for the player. As I am from Scunthorpe, I managed to watch Hooper play for 2-3 seasons when he was at my local team. He was top goal scorer for the club in each season and proved his worth at Championship level. Since moving to Celtic he has again proved himself, scoring 30+ goals in each of the last 2 seasons … also scoring in the Champions League.

Gary Hooper

Hooper could be on his way to QPR

In my honest opinion he has been very unlucky not to get an England call up. If playing for Celtic and scoring in the Champions League doesn’t get you a call up then moving to QPR in the Championship defiantly won’t.

Can’t help but feel Gary Hooper needs to move to a Premiership club to keep his great progress as a striker going.

I hate to say this as a Gary Hooper supporter but it would show a lack of ambition should this transfer go ahead.

What are your opinions on Hooper’s future?

2 comments on “Transfer News – Gary Hooper

  1. soccertistics
    July 25, 2013

    From Celtic’s perspective, I think it’s the right move. I’m a firm believer in the whole “buy low, sell high” philosophy, and I think Hooper’s stock is probably as high as it’s going to get for Celtic. Last year was the best year of his career, and keeping him is risky because he may not duplicate it, and if he doesn’t, his value will drop.

    That said, from Hooper’s perspective, I think going from Celtic to QPR is a step down. Basically no chance of playing in a European tournament at QPR, and you’re almost guaranteed that playing for Celtic.

  2. jc12oc
    July 25, 2013

    I do agree with the “buy low, sell high” philosophy, especially for a club like Celtic and football league teams. My home town club, Scunthorpe United often use this method as finances are not that great at such a small club. Scunthorpe also made a good profit on Gary Hooper when they sold him to Celtic.

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